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Past Events

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    Medical and Surgical management of intervertebral disc disease. Open to Surgery Club members only. Contact Max to RSVP. Food will be provided.

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    The 41st Annual Ohio State Fall Symposium will be held November 4-5, 2017 at the Columbus Hilton at Easton Town Center.

    The 2017 Ohio State & Royal Canin Symposium will focus on feline medicine with topics on anesthesia, pain management, dermatology, orthopedics, dentistry, nutrition and internal medicine. Experienced clinical experts and researchers will share their approaches to diagnosis and treatment strategies that you can immediately incorporate into your practice.

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    All faculty, staff, and students are invited!
    Social Identity and Implicit Bias: Examining Systemic and Institutional Barriers

    Dr. Nicole Nieto, OSU ADVANCE

    Thursday, November 2, Noon – 12:50pm

    Wenger Laboratory (215 VMAB)


    Dialogue/Engagement Experience

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    Second Introductory lecture on what AVMA LIFE can provide to students to those who did not make the first lecture. Open to all students. Contact Nerisa to RSVP. Food is provided.

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    General body meeting for the Pre-Veterinary Medical Association. Contact Meredith with questions.

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    A general review of the components of urinalysis and the diagnostic values of these components. Open to all students. Contact Ian to RSVP. Food will be provided.

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    Lunch lecture with Dr. Cooper talking about trauma cases. Open to SVECCS member. Contact Julia to RSVP. Food will be provided.