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Accuri C6 Flow Cytometer

The Accuri C6 cytometry was introduced to the Cytometry Core Facility in December of 2008 through a partnership agreement with Dr. Prosper Boyaka and Dr. Tracey Pappefuss' lab.  The instrument has a dual laser (488nm and 633nm) analytical capability of looking at up to 4 colors including Forward and Side Scatter populations.  Any tube can be used to complete analysis but it is very important to remember all samples must be filters with a minimum 70u nylon mesh filter prior to being run on the instrument

 The Accuri C6 is currently housed in a seperate laboratory.  It has very similar features to the FACSCalibur.  An important difference is  the C6's inability to control hardware compensation of your data as it must be completed post aquisition.  This can help to alleviate the decision making process of compensation and allow for a better analysis of your data. 

Requirement for Access to the Accuri

This instrument is user-run only. Interested users must schedule an appointment for training with the cytometry core to discuss experimental design and expected outcomes. 

Location: 339 VMAB, 1900 Coffey Road

Contact: Dr. Boyaka/ Haley Steiner.179           688-5701