Equine Medicine and Surgery

The Equine Medicine and Surgery Section of the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences consists of 12 faculty members, eight residents, and 14 animal health technicians. Our veterinary health care professionals provide state-of-the-art medical care for horses belonging to members of our local community as well as for client-owned horses referred by veterinarians practicing throughout Ohio and in the surrounding states of Indiana, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, West Virginia and Michigan. Our faculty members are nationally and internationally recognized experts in their fields, which include infectious disease, upper airway surgery, exercise physiology, equine neurology, lameness evaluation, orthopedic surgery, neonatology and critical care. The equine medicine section also operates an ambulatory service that provides on-the-farm medical and wellness care for horse owners in the local community. Faculty members educate and train our veterinary students and provide clinical training of interns and residents preparing for specialty practice or academic careers.

The faculty members of the Equine Medicine and Surgery Section provide leadership and expertise not only by teaching students and practicing veterinary medicine, but also by participating in post-graduate professional education and outreach activities. These include consultations with veterinary practitioners, continuing education seminars for practicing veterinarians, and authorship of articles and textbooks in various disciplines of veterinary medicine. Our faculty pioneer breakthroughs in animal medicine by identifying new naturally-occurring diseases of horses and applying novel diagnostic methods and treatments to existing and emerging diseases.