Funded Research


$248,708 AL Bertone. Cartilage Repair Investigation in the Equine Model: Cartilage scaffold to heal cartilage defects. DePuy Orthopedics, Inc.


$18,840. AL Bertone, Ishihara A, Reed SM, Schultz PR. Kinetic and subjective evaluation in horses with hindlimb lameness or neurologic gait abnormalities. Council for Equine Research, The Ohio State University.

$19,054 AL Bertone, Munsterman AS, Zachos TA. The effects of alpha-linolenic acid on lipopolysaccharide-challenged and unchallenged equine synovial explants. Equine Research Funds, The Ohio State University.

$24,329 AL Bertone, TA Zachos, Bakaletz A. Pathways of Bone Morphogen Influence on Mesenchymal Stem Cell Differentiation In Vitro. Canine Research Funds, College of Veterinary Medicine. The Ohio State University.


$24,968. AL Bertone, Gu W, Mattoon J, Litsky AS, Weisbrode SE, Bartlett J. Bone Morphogenetic Protein [BMP] Gene Therapy for the Acceleration of Bone Healing in Horses. Equine Research Funds, College of Veterinary Medicine Research Council Funds.

$72,000 AL Bertone, Kaneps A, Latimer F. [RF743876] A Study to assess the efficacy, safety, and acceptability of ML 1,785,713 Oral Paste in Horses for Control of Pain and Inflammation Associated with Osteoarthritis Under Field Conditions.

$22,300 AL Bertone, Bartlett J, Sen C. Chondrogenic differentiation in gene therapy for equine cartilage injury. Equine Research Funds, OSU CVM. 2002-07.

$104,000 AL Bertone, C Kaeding. SIS Collateral Ligament Repair. DePuy Orthopedics, Inc and the Department of Orthopedics, OSU.

$90,280 AL Bertone. Safety and effectiveness of wet bipolar electrocautery to control hemostasis in soft tissue and bone. TissueLink Medical, Inc.