50th Annual Farm Science Review

Farm Science Review

The College of Veterinary Medicine will have its largest presence ever at this year’s 50th annual Farm Science Review (FSR). The event, which showcases the future of agriculture through field demonstrations, educational displays, and question-and-answer sessions, will be held from September 18-20 at The Ohio State University’s Molly Caren Agricultural Center in London, OH. With more than 140,000 visitors annually from across the country and Canada, FSR features over 600 exhibitors in an 83-acre exhibit area, as well as 750-plus acres of field demonstrations.

This is the first year that the College of Veterinary Medicine will participate in “Question the Authorities,” a well established program at FSR designed to provide updates on the agricultural economy, commodity markets, and policy issues. The program offers an opportunity for attendees to ask questions of various experts on topics of interest and is frequently attended by various members of the media. College of Veterinary Medicine experts will focus on current topics of broad interest in veterinary medicine and public health. 

Among the topics receiving significant attention this year are Dr. Tom Wittum’s session on animal antibiotic use and resistance and Dr. Armando Hoet’s session on animal to human disease transmission. Both sessions have been well publicized in avenues such as Ohio’s Country Journal, NationalHogFarmer.com, DairyHerd.com, CattleNetwork.com, and PorkNetwork.com.

Other faculty members from the College of Veterinary Medicine will also be participating in the program, speaking on a variety of topics. The schedule of the veterinary medicine portion of the program is available on the college website.

Admission and parking for the event are free with a BuckID. More information about the event is available at fsr.osu.edu.