January 27, 2014

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students: 

College Updates

Congratulations to the Office of Student Affairs, and especially Dr. Linda Lord, April Pugh and Shayna Mohr. This past weekend concluded more than 460 interviews for the class of 2018. Thank you to the more than 60 volunteer interviewers – faculty, staff, students, and alumni - who helped make the weekends run so smoothly (except for the weather). We have experienced a 73 percent increase in student applications over the past three years, and I believe our screening process is one of the best in the country, allowing us to admit the finest veterinary students in the world. Offers are being extended now, and decision day is April 15. We look forward to meeting the newest Buckeyes! 

Our Department of Veterinary Preventive Medicine is establishing a new advisory council for agricultural commodity groups that will include representatives from the beef, dairy, pork, poultry, and feed industries. We should always support strong relationships with agriculture, and this group will allow us a better connection to food animals groups. 

Campus Updates and Partnerships

Our students are leading an inter-professional education effort in the health sciences. They are working to plan a spring event to bring together professional students in all the health science colleges to discuss shared interests and common challenges. Antimicrobial resistance will be a featured topic.  Noelle Diana (2nd year DVM student) is helping plan this event and Dr. Catherine Lucey, a national leader in inter-professional education will keynote this event to be held this March. 

Have you been following the latest updates about the Discovery Themes? The newest area of data analytics might have support from the State of Ohio. An effort to increase funding for capital projects may help fund renovations to two of the oldest buildings on campus: Pomerene and Oxley Halls, so that they would be the headquarters for the data analytics efforts. According to an article in the Dispatch, the buildings will "house newly recruited faculty experts and research space dedicated to synthesizing and understanding big data across numerous disciplines."  

State and National Issues

There is a new veterinary caucus in Washington, D.C. For the first time, two of our nation's congressional representatives are veterinarians: Dr. Kurt Schrader, representing the fifth district of Oregon, and Dr. Ted Yoho, who represents Florida's third district. The opportunity to form a caucus allows the representatives to offer a forum to keep members informed of "opportunities and challenges in the field of veterinary medicine."  We are approaching our Ohio representatives to join this caucus. 

Last week at the annual Deans’ Conference, the AAVMC hosted a discussion of veterinary economics. After attending this meeting, we are considering inviting Dr. Michael Dicks, director of the Veterinary Economics Division, to speak in the college. Other topics at the AAVMC included One Health, global veterinary medicine, the upcoming 50th Anniversary of the AAVMC (1966-2016), changes in accreditation, (the AVMA will continue accrediting foreign colleges of veterinary medicine), and health and wellness. The symposium on health and wellness for our professional students hosted here last fall was well-received and we plan to host our second event on this topic in the fall.  

Alumni and Fundraising

We had excellent attendance at our alumni reception at the annual North American Veterinary Conference. I know many of our alumni look forward to greeting colleagues and friends at this event. I want to thank Dr. Liesa Stone and Katie Kostyo of our Advancement Team for their participation and organization. Alumni also enjoyed meeting our student representative Jason Couto. 

Upcoming Events

There are many important events coming up this spring semester. Next month is the Midwest Veterinary Conference, February 20-23, at the Columbus Convention Center. Everyone is invited to the alumni reception on Saturday evening, February 22. The Alumni Society Board will be meeting on Saturday morning. We will again have a booth in the exhibit hall. If you are available to provide staffing time at the booth, please contact Jeannette Schmidt, assistant to Karin Zuckerman in the VMC. 

Invite your friends and neighbors for the February 11 SCAVMA-hosted talk, "Top 10 Dog Behavior Myths," featuring Dr. Meghan Herron. The new book, "Decoding Your Dog," will be available for sale. The book provides science-based information on canine behavior written by veterinarians certified by the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists. Dr. Herron co-wrote the chapter "Choosing your new best friend: How to find the best match for you and your puppy." Attendees must pay a $5 donation to SCAVMA ($3 with a student Buck ID; SCAVMA members are free). 

While you’re marking your calendar, also save the date for our Open House, Saturday, April 5. Please contact April Pugh (pugh [dot] 102 [at] osu [dot] edu) to volunteer for that day. 


Dean Lonnie King