June 22, 2012

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students:

College Updates

The Dean's Staff Advisory Council has been meeting monthly since January to provide support, promote interests, and act as an advocate for issues important to the staff in the college. Council members gathered input from the staff about issues of interest or concern and are discussing ways to address these issues. For example, the Council has met with VIS to provide initial input into the requirements for an up-to-date, searchable college-wide directory and has scheduled a meeting with the college executive leadership in July to discuss methods to improve communications within the college. I want to thank all the members for their efforts, and I will continue to report about their accomplishments! Remember they also are available for any staff to contact them and bring their concerns forward. Council members include: Gale Azcarraga-Carter, Julie Becker, Katie Canter, Chris Frasure, Stacey Gallant, Tim Justice, Fred Marker, Tracy Marsh, Jacqueline Nolting, April Pugh, Melissa Savage, and Jen Simmons

Campus Upates and Partnership

The deans of the seven health sciences colleges are in the process of completing a 10 year vision and strategy for the colleges. There is a growing interest in interprofessional education, use of information technology to aid in teaching and learning, consolidation of efforts in wellness, global health and common research themes. Five of the seven colleges will have representatives visit Ethiopia to explore opportunities in that country in global health and collaborative education and research.  This trip will occur on July 8 – 12.

Alumni and Fundraising

On Thursday, the college hosted a dinner to thank some of our wonderful donors and supporters of the college. We are making this an annual event to bring donors together with students and faculty who benefit from programs supported through the generosity of our friends. As part of this event we highlighted stories about how donations and gifts to the College make a difference. I want to acknowledge and thank Dr. Alicia Bertone, Dr. Eric Miller, and Katie Huter for great presentations and stories that they related to attendees and Jenny Bergman who helped to organize this very successful event.

Upcoming Events

This will be a busy – and short - summer! We will be recognizing our residents and interns at the annual certificate presentation on June 29. Our annual Focus- Forward Weekend is planned for July 19-21. The annual AVMA meeting is August 3 – 7 in San Diego. On August 17, our Student Affairs office will host convocation for the entering Class of 2016. Classes begin on August 22 and the first home football game is September 7.

The Honoring the Bond program will hold the fourth Annual Companion Animal Remembrance Ceremony on Saturday, July 28th, at 11 a.m. in the VMC Auditorium. The ceremony is open to our clients who have lost a companion animal in the past year. Any member of our college community is also welcome. If you are interested in attending the ceremony to celebrate the life of one of your own companion animals, Joelle Nielsen asks that you please register.

The One Health Initiative national team has recognized Ohio State's CVM and University of Pennsylvania's CVM as the 2 US Veterinary Colleges that have the most outstanding One Health programs in the country and best promote the concept. Our work in preventive medicine, food safety, emerging infectious diseases, collaboration with the 7 OSU Health Science Colleges, leadership in the PHPID program, work in global health, and our superb MPH program are recognized as driving forces for us to achieve this recognition.

I have grandkids and golf on my agenda for the next week and I hope that all of you will be able to also enjoy some time with family during the traditional vacation months of summer.


Dean Lonnie King