El programa de salud y bienestar del greyhound elimina la barrera idiomática

Columbus, OH -- Cada año el Dr. Guillermo Couto y un grupo de estudiantes de la Facultad de Medicina Veterinaria de la Universidad Estatal de Ohio, viaja al refugio animal Scooby, en Medina del Campo, España. Y mientras prestan ayuda a animales heridos y a Galgos (Greyhound español), también establecen buenas relaciones con veterinarios y estudiantes españoles, algunos con un nivel limitado de inglés.

Greyhound Health and Wellness Program blurs language barriers

Columbus, OH -- Each year Dr. Guillermo Couto and a team of veterinary students from The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine travel to the Scooby Animal Shelter, in Medina del Campo, Spain. And while they give aid to injured animals and Greyhounds - "Galgos" in Spain - they also forge relationships with Spanish veterinarians and students who speak limited English.

March - April 2009

Collaboration with pediatric surgeons saves canine lives; Research Day; New faculty; Water buffalo treated for metabolic disorder; College Open House...

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January - February 2009

Ohio State leads in joint replacement surgeries; Minimally invasive surgery in companion animals; developments in radiation oncology for horses; new CT scanner improves diagnostic imaging capabilities; Clinical Trials office

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Enhanced chickens, eggs, may prevent breast cancer

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Researchers at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center are studying whether adding a component of cotton plants to chicken feed might result in anti-cancer eggs and chicken meat.

The researchers are studying a substance called gossypol that can be added to chicken feed made of cottonseed meal. The substance is a natural pigment and insect repellent found in cotton plants that also has important anti-cancer properties.