November 19, 2012

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students:

We are planning for an AVMA accreditation site visit scheduled for October of 2013. While our accreditation status is reviewed annually, the AVMA's site visit occurs every 7 years. Dr. Steve DiBartola has put together an Accreditation Task Group to prepare for this visit and to help complete an important self-study that is submitted prior to the visit. Accreditation of Colleges of Veterinary Medicine is dictated by the U.S. Department of Education and implemented by AVMA's Council on Education. Each College is responsible to comply to meet 11 standards that determine the requirements and competencies of an entry level veterinarian.

The College participated in a national meeting on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) that was sponsored by the National Institute for Animal Agriculture and held in Columbus last week. This has been a difficult topic to understand for many and to gain consensus for effective action. AMR is one of our critical threats to our national and global health. A number of ideas surfaced including the use of One Health as a framework to better unify animal and public health of this topic. Organizers of the event used our focus-forward format to stimulate the dialogue and develop recommendations. Thanks goes to Tom Wittum, Rebecca Garabed, Josh Daniels, Greg Habing, Kat Marriott, Jen Simmons, Ken Matthias, Mary Jo Burkhard, and student Jaime Ayotte as well as a group of other students serving as facilitators. NIAA believed that this was a very successful symposium and appreciated OSU support.

As a reminder, the university has kicked off its Bucks for Charity Campaign. This represents an opportunity for our OSU and CVM faculty and staff to support a number of very deserving projects, services and programs and help meet important needs of our home communities. I appreciate the help of Berdawn Hutchinson from VBS who is helping to coordinate our college campaign.  I am serving as the University-wide Co-Chair with OSU HR Director Kathleen McCutcheon. Please do what you can in support of some very outstanding activities in our communities outside of OSU.

The 7 OSU health science colleges recently welcomed Dr. Steve Wartman to campus to discuss national issues with regard to Academic Health Centers.  He also held a seminar in which he stressed the need for interdisciplinary partnerships and interprofessional education and training. The 7 health science college deans have planned a series of mini-retreats beginning tonight, that will focus on planning and designing the elements of a health science or medical district at OSU. As our academic and research plans are being better defined, we also need the fiscal and building requirements to be identified and considered to be successful.

We continue to strive to gain new partners, expand our boundaries and position the College in times of change. As such, we have met with: Dr. Rebecca Jackson to discuss the role of the CVM in the renewal of a new CTSA grant.  Drs. Green and London have been instrumental in this effort; the COO of the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium and Wilds, Tom Stilf and VP Thomas Hof to discuss a new residency in zoo medicine and other research opportunities. Dr. Barbara Wolfe has joined our faculty and as the zoo and Wilds scientific advisor, serves as the liaison for us; the planning team for the OSU Discovery Themes; CIC Veterinary College deans continue to discuss collaboration among the 6 CVMs of the Big Ten. In the near future, we will be meeting with key R&D officials from Eli Lily; Mike Eicher, the new CEO of the OSU Foundation and Head of Advancement; Dean Bruce McPheron the new dean for CFAES; and Bob Schmitz the Racing Commissioner for Ohio who we are engaging about the potential of generating equine research funding as horse race tracks add gambling devices to increase attendance and funds at the race tracks.

We really need the support of our entire College to help Dr. Linda Lord and her staff as they prepare to interview applicants for our CVM Class of 2017. The college has over 1,300 applicants for the Class of 2017 which is a 62% increase from last year. We need everyone's help with interviews on 12/1, 12/17, 12/18, 12/19, 1/12/2013 and 1/26/2013.  The link to sign up is In addition, based on last year's success, we will hold a series of dinners for these applicants and their parents to send out a warm welcome to them to ensure that we will spend quality time with them and market the college. The national interest in our College continues to grow as does the quality and diversity of our applicants and student body. There is very little that is more important to our College than the selection of our future students. We really appreciate your efforts and need your support and commitment to this process.

Lastly, I would like to wish all of you an enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday and hope you are able to spend some time with family. Thanks, also, to our very committed faculty, staff, students who will be caring for patients and clients and taking care of other essential college activities and programs over the holiday period.


Dean Lonnie King