Recognizing the Class of 2012

Faculty, family, friends, and staff gathered Saturday, June 9 to celebrate the achievements of Ohio State’s College of Veterinary Medicine Class of 2012. Student awards were announced at the Honors and Awards Ceremony on Saturday morning at the Fawcett Center and the traditional Oath and Hooding Ceremony took place that evening in Mershon Auditorium. The proceedings honored distinguished students (student award winners listed below), faculty, and alumni, in addition to marking the graduation of the Class of 2012.

Oauth and Hooding 2012

Among the Class of 2012’s many notable members, Dr. Ryan Lukens graduated as a fourth-generation Ohio State veterinarian, 100 years after his great-grandfather, William Lukens, became a veterinarian in 1912. Ryan’s great uncle, William Lukens (Class of 1938), and his father, William Lukens (Class of 1980), also graduated from Ohio State. Ryan graduated with his wife, Dr. Jessica Lukens (Class of 2012) and is working this year as an intern at the Palm Beach Equine Clinic in Florida.

Student Award recipients include:

  • Eric Allie (Excellence in Ophthamology, Excellence in Small Animal Community Practice)
  • Kathryn Campitelli (Excellence in Public Health)
  • Margaret Cary (Elanco Behavior Award)
  • Anne Collins (ACVS Large Animal Surgery Award)
  • Jason Dickey (Excellence in Anesthesiology)
  • Amanda Dye (Excellence in Equine Medicine)
  • Rebecca Erickson (ASLAP Award)
  • Steven Friedenberg (SCAVMA Outstanding Teacher Award for Resident/Graduate Teaching Associates)
  • Jacquelyn Gaier (Excellence in Anatomy)
  • Robert Gonzales (Veterinary Cancer Society Award)
  • Alicia Griffin (ACVIM Large Animal Award)
  • Sasha Hill (Excellence in Equine Emergency and Critical Care)
  • Melinda Himler (Gertrude Hoeger Award in Clinical Biomedical Research)
  • Elizabeth Homerosky (Excellence in Marysville Ambulatory)
  • Brittani Jones (Excellence in Anatomy)
  • Carlin Kelly (Excellence in Equine Field Service, Excellence in Equine Surgery) 
  • Kelly Knapp (Excellence in Small Animal Surgery)
  • Wendy Kuceyeski (Excellence in Dermatology)
  • Jessica Lukens (ACVS Small Animal Surgery Award)
  • Christina Marino (Excellence in Small Animal Internal Medicine, Excellence in Scholarship, AAFP Award, ACVIM Small Animal Award, Novartis Proficiency in Small Animal Surgery Award)
  • Jennifer Murphy (Excellence in Theriogenology, Excellence in Food Animal Medicine and Surgery, Excellence in Marysville Ambulatory)
  • Jennifer Niedziela (Excellence in Oncology, AVMA Senior Service Award)
  • Cassandra Ostroski (Excellence in Small Animal Critical Care, VECCS Award)
  • Jane Park (Excellence in Cardiology)
  • Gabrielle Pastenkos (Excellence in Pathology)
  • Cornelia Peterson (Gertrude Hoeger Award in Basic Biomedical Research)
  • David Pontius (Excellence in Food Animal Medicine and Surgery, ACVA Award)
  • Lauren Rees (Excellence in Neurology)
  • Lindsey Rings (Novartis Proficiency in Large Animal Surgery Award)
  • Andrew Sowders (ACVIM Small Animal Award)
  • Walter Streacker (Excellence in Radiology, American College of Veterinary Radiology Award)
  • Emily Walz (Excellence in Preventive Medicine)
  • Alex Weber (Excellence in Anatomy)
  • Christiane Youngstrom (Excellence in Shelter Medicine and Surgery)
  • Kathryn Zatroch (AVMA Junior Service Award)

Congratulations to the Class of 2012!