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Advanced Veterinary Dental Surgery

Practical clinical experience in basic and advanced veterinary dental procedures.
student will be exposed to basic dentistry (dog and cat) in the form of
complete oral examinations and treatment planing, routine professional
dental cleanings, exposure and interpretation of full mouth dental
radiographs (film and digital), nerve blocks, simple and surgical
extraction of teeth, periodontal surgery and home dental hygiene
techniques. This experience will be hands-on as long as patient care is
not compromised.

The student will also be exposed to advanced procedures in the dog
and cat such as root canal therapy, crowns, tumor resection,
gingivectomy, jaw fracture repair. The learning experience for advanced
procedures will be limited to discuss and observation. If time permits,
some work will take place with cadavers.
primary location of the dental practice is associated with a general
veterinary practice so the student will see a wide range of patients
including those referred for specialty dentistry. The student will have
the opportunity to join the doctor at a satellite hospital which has
multiple veterinary specialists, CT scan and MRI.
full library of journals and books related to dentistry and oral
surgery are on site. An extensive collection of visual aids including
power point presentations used for continuing education will be made
available and used for discussion.
student wil assist with complete oral examination on the conscious dog
or cat. Based on information provided as well as previous knowlege, the
student will be able to provide a diffential diagosis and a tentative
treatment plan. The student will demonstate effective home dental
hygiene to pet owners. By the end of the experience, the student should
be able to expose full mouth dental radiographs for a dog and a cat and
be able to interpret the resulting images. The student will also be
able to perform a complete professional dental cleaning and charting,
simple and surgical extractions. The student will be able to perform
local nerve blocks.
student will not perform any client communication or procedures on live
animals without direct supervision by Tiffany Brown, DAVDC. The
veterinarian will be available 5 days a week (Monday-Friday) for at
least 8 hours per day for direct supervision.
Advanced Veterinary Dental Surgery
3006 South Dixie Highway

West Palm Beach, FL 33405
(561) 832-7922
(561) 246-4665
Tiffany Brown, DVM, DAVDC
Updated: 01/30/12
West Palm Beach, FL
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