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American Veterinary Medical Association


Leadership development and learning about the advancement of professional veterinary medicine through the influence of governmental relations, animal health policies, professional training, public health, and global issues.

Serve as an elected representative of the Student AVMA and interact with AVMA and SAVMA Executive Board. If applicable depending on role, serve in AVMA House of Delegates.

Associate veterinarians and special expertise available

AVMA is the national leadership organization for professional veterinary medicine.
Veterinarians from all aspects of the profession participate in AVMA.

Educational Resources

Journal of the AVMA

Small group discussions with national and international experts on policy, governmental, and world health issues as related to professional veterinary medicine and veterinary training.


Serve and represent the 12,013 professional veterinary students at the national level as an elected representative. Participate in SAVMA and AVMA Executive Board meetings, serve on AVMA House of Delegates (if applicable for position), coordinate and lead national SAVMA activities, communicate between AVMA and student chapters

Student Supervision

Access to veterinarians during all AVMA and SAVMA activities.


All travel expenses covered by AVMA

Practice Information

American Veterinary Medical Association
1931 North Meacham Road, Suite 100
Schaumburg, IL 60173-4360

Ph: 800-248-2862
Fax: 897-925-1329


Signature on file: Dr. Mary Jo Burkhard (OSU), Dr. Derrick
Hall (AVMA)

Updated: 12/17/12

OSU CVM Columbus, OH
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