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Animal Emergency Clinic of Maury Co., LLC


The externship program at the Animal Emergency Clinic of Maury County, LLC (AECMC) actually involves three distinct sections: Emergency Medicine, Private Practice and Humane Society Spay/Neuter. Our externship program provides a wide range of experiences with multiple points of view from many different people.

The Emergency Medicine section involves time at the AECMC shadowing the veterinary and veterinary technician staff providing care for patients that are referred to the clinic by area veterinary hospitals for care after regular business hours. We currently serve parts of 10 counties and over 35 veterinary hospitals. Our staff consists of licensed veterinary technicians and technician students from the local college. Our hospital has also volunteered to allow technician student interns to rotate through our hospital as part of Columbia State Community College's technician training program. The clinic is a full service hospital with in-house blood analysis, radiology, and a modern surgical suite.

The Private Practice portion of the externship can be divided between a mobile veterinary practice owned by one of the current AECMC associates and time in a traditional small animal veterinary practice.

The Humane Society Spay/Neuter portion of the externship involves spending time at Nashville Humane Association with Dr. Louis Lembo. Dr. Lembo currently performs more than 150 spay/neuters per week with a team of 3 assistants. The student extern will not only be exposed to high volume spay/neuter setting but will also learn about shelter management and medicine. At the extern's digression, they may participate in special situations, such as cruelty investigation or education opportunities, as they arise. The extern will be supervised and will not directly participate direct in these events, other than as an observer.


Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available

Louis N. Lembo, DVM, MS

Educational Resources

None on record


  • Knowledge: We expect that our externs arrive with a minimum knowledge base. We also require that interns spend time researching cases and conditions that they come across during the externship. We understand that the extern will not come with all the skills needed to practice, however, we expect intelligent conversation based on scientific evidence and a rational thought process. The doctors and technicians want to learn from the extern as well.
  • Participation: We expect that externs arrive ready to read radiographs, interpret blood work, perform basic physical exams and make attempts to formulate basic treatment plans. We also expect that the extern be willing to ask questions of the doctors and staff. The extern will have access to a wide range of individuals, including veterinarians, technicians, humane society management, and clients. We expect the intern to use this opportunity to engage these people and learn from them.
  • Interaction with the staff: The extern will have contact with a wide range of people, clients and staff included. We expect that they treat everyone with respect and courtesy.
  • Attendance: The emergency clinic is open night weekends and holidays. Much of the work occurs outside of regular business hours. We expect the extern to manage their own schedule to maximize their time at the various locations.

Student Supervision

See above


None on record

Practice Information

Animal Emergency Clinic of Maury County, LLC
1900 B Shady Brook St. Suite B
Columbia, TN 38401

ph: 931-380-1929

email: Dr. Louis Lembo

Signature on file: Louis N. Lembo, DVM, MS
Last updated: 12/12/2007

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