Animal Hospital of Waterford

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Semi-rural mixed animal practice
  • ambulatory->equine/dairy/small ruminant for herd health/sick/emergency farm calls
  • in clinic->small animal wellnes/sick appointments and general soft tissue surgery--possible minor orthopedic surgery
journals, books
assisting veterinarians on farm calls as well as in clinic for appointments/surgery....we will be assessing their skill set both intellectually and technically...hands-on dairy rectal palpations/DA surgeries
The clinic is scheduled open 62 hours per week with a veterinarian readily available for at least 56 of those hours. The student will be able to be with vets for all clinic hours (whether on farm calls or in-clinic)...this is at least 11hours/day Mon-Thurs., at least 9 hours on Fridays, and at least 3 hours on Saturdays. The student will also have the option of staying with the veterinarian "on call" for after hour large animal emergencies which can be highly variable in activity.
Animal Hospital of Waterford
423 High St.
Waterford, PA 16441
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Sheila Imbur, DVM
Updated: 02/21/12