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Avian and Exotics Center of Nashville

Avian and Exotics Medicine
To achieve practical hands-on experience in Avian and Exotics Medicine.
Avian and exotics -general practice/primary care.

Affiliate PetCo, Audubon Society, AAV, AEMV, AVMA, Vol State.

May also be training along side veterinary technicians at Volunteer
State Veterinary Technology Program completing their externships.
Journals, books, VIN, rounds, etc.
assist the veterinarian with house calls and scheduled appointments as a
way to learn histories, questions, answers, common problems. Assist the
veterinarian in surgery as needed. Assist the veterinarian in emergency
after-hours care. Participate in morning and evening rounds. Oral
quizzes and pop questions by veterinarian as to "what you see, how you
assess, how you would proceed" and variations in anatomy physiology and
protocol between species. During your time here we will utilize
experience from small animal practice and teach variations for exotic
Primary veterinarian and technician on staff while vet is otherwise occupied.
Avian and Exotics Center of Nashville
432 Bell Road

Nashville, TN 37217
Tonnie M. Ray DVM
Posted: 07/03/2014
Nashville, TN
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