Ayars Livestock Veterinary Service

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Livestock veterinary
Ride along with Dr. Ayars while working along side him. Pregnancy exams, sick animals, surgery, herd management, as well as practice management, and business.
The student is expected to get involved. Most days there is homework and study assignment for the student that he may add to the discussions while riding with Dr. Ayars. Dairy work is highly specialized and the student is expected to ask many questions to add to their experience. It is not an inconvenience, but rather, dairymen respect you more when you show interest.
The student will have access to a veterinarian at least 12 hours a day for 5 days, and weekends for emergencies.
no, but there is an Extended Stay motel nearby
Ayars Livestock Veterinary Service
3216 E Tanglewood Dr
Phoenix, Arizona 85048
ayarsvet [at] gmail [dot] com

Austin Ayars DVM
Posted: 10/15/12