Banfield Pet Hospital-Lonetree, CO

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Banfield Externship Program:
• Practice medicine one-on-one alongside an experienced veterinarian as a “doctor-in-training” to develop your medical and surgical skills
• Learn the value of “normal” as you experience the typical caseload of a small-animal practice
• Gather a history, perform a complete physical examination and develop a therapeutic plan for a minimum of four medical cases under the watchful care of your licensed mentor
• Learn to increase client compliance so you can provide the best treatment for the Pets in your care
• See firsthand how Banfield’s unique business practices can help you run a successful hospital
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We provide each student with an Externship Guide as well as access to our electronic records database, PetWare.
Arrive on time, act professionally, be proactive in their own learning and development, and complete all tasks and procedures as directed.
Each student is assigned one particular mentor doctor but will also work with the other doctors and paraprofessional staff. Students can expect to work about 40 hours/week and their schedule will mirror that of their mentor doctor's. Our hospitals are open 7 days/week.
Banfield Pet Hospital
8695 South Park Meadow Center Rd. Lone Tree, CO 80124
(303) 662-8667
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danielle [dot] andrews [at] banfield [dot] net
Dr. Valerie Sinclair
Updated: 03/14/11