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Barberton Veterinary Clinic/North Coast Bird and Exotic Specialties


This externship takes place at both the Barberton Veterinary Clinic, a busy 3 doctor small animal, bird and exotic animal clinic, and at North Coast Bird and Exotic Specialties, a 2 doctor exotics only specialty practice within Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital. Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital is a 24,000 square foot central hospital shared by more than 50 veterinarians from ten affiliated general practices, nine specialist practices and a 24-hour emergency service. Rotations may include medical rounds at the Akron Zoo as well.

Participants will be given the opportunity to witness and learn about all facets of an avian and exotic practice including proper husbandry and nutrition, restraint techniques, diagnostics, and medical and surgical treatment modalities. Both practices are well equipped and utilize our regional in-house laboratory, digital radiography, fluoroscopy, ultrasonography, rigid and flexible endoscopy, CT, and MRI.


Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available

  • Gary Riggs, DVM, ABVP (Avian) - Clinical Supervisor
  • Kim Cook, DVM
  • Mike Selig, DVM
  • Erin Dulka, DVM

Educational Resources

  • Extensive library
  • Numerous journal subscriptions, including JAVMA, Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine, Journal of Exotic Pet Medicine, Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery, Journal of Herpetological Medicine, and Veterinary Clinics of North America Exotics Series
  • Online access to VIN


Extern responsibilities include observation and participation in restraint, diagnostics and medical and surgical treatment of diseases in avian, reptilian, amphibian and small mammalian species.

Student Supervision

Externs will be under doctor direction 8-10 hours daily


Housing may be available but is not guaranteed. Please contact the practice at least a week prior to your scheduled arrival to check availability.

Practice Information

Barberton Veterinary Clinic/ North Coast Bird and Exotic Specialties
4873 Richland Ave
Norton, OH 44203

Ph: (330) 825-2434
Fx: (330) 825-0090


Email: Dr. Gary Riggs at
Email: Dr. Kim Cook at

Signature on file: Kim Cook

Norton, OH
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