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Bella Vista Equine


This selective experience will involve the reproductive management of mares and stallions during the breeding season. Students will assist on routine and specialized reproductive work at Bella Vista Equine and several breeding farms located in central Ohio,including foaling, neonatal care, critical and emergency services related and non-related to reproduction. Students will gain equine medicine experience as opportunities occur.

Daily routine experience includes reproductive ultrasound for breeding; ultrasound for pregnancy; twin reduction; artificial insemination with fresh, cooled and frozen semen; mare breeding soundness exam (uterine culture, biopsy); interpretation of uterine cultures; uterine lavages; uterine infusions; semen collection for shipping and freezing; and semen evaluation. Experience will also be gained with embryo flushes, embryo packing and shipping, and embryo transfer as these occur. Additionally, examination, treatment and management of sick foals and foal imprinting as these opportunities present themselves.

Mares are seasonal breeders, so the case load will increase toward the middle of the breeding season (Mid April – Mid July).


Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available

Veterinarian Board Certified in Theriogenology

Educational Resources

Books, handouts, daily rounds.


Students will participate in and be responsible for foaling (with the help of the FoalAlert System), imprinting, management of healthy newborn foals during the first 24 hours, administration of medications and plasma transfusion when necessary and blood tests. Students will plate and learn interpretation of uterine cultures. They will assist with semen collection and packing for shipping and freezing, artificial insemination with frozen and cooled semen and semen evaluation. Students will help with embryo transfer procedures as they occur. Students are expected to ride with Dr. Martinsen in the veterinary truck during regular business hours and during emergencies. Complete the required post-experience evaluation for off- campus selectives.

Student Supervision

50 plus hours per week with veterinarian, depending on the time the year, after-hours treatments and inseminations, foalings and emergencies.


Yes, housing is available at the veterinary facility. Kitchenette and laundry amenities included.

Practice Information

Elizabeth Martinsen, DVM
Bella Vista Equine
9573 Martinsburg Road
Newark, OH 43071

Phone: 740-503-2004 (cell)
Fax: 740-745-50754


Updated: 1-9-08
Signature on file: Elizabeth Martinsen, DVM, MS, ACT

Newark OH
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