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Bird & Exotic Pet Wellness Center


The student will spend normal office hours - Monday through Saturday - at our practice. Student will also write client handout and will practice basic techniques: holding birds, gauage-feeding and gram stains with interpretation.


Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available

  • Dr. Susan Orosz, PhD; DVM, Dipl. ABVP (Avian); Dipl. ECAMS, boarded in avian medicine; former faculty member, Univ. of Tennessee, College of Veterinary Medicine; Section Chief for Avian, Exotic Animal & Wildlife Medical Service
  • Dr. Richard, zoo veterinarian for 23 years; interned at San Diego Zoo

Educational Resources

  • We will round daily
  • Student involvement with each case
  • We have all Exotic animal, Avian Journals & Procedures¬†


  • Do histories
  • Help in sample collection
  • Use clinic birds to practice restraint & handling
  • Work on a client handout
  • Learn gram stain interpretation
  • Practice US where applicable

Student Supervision

8 hours/day


Possibly at Dr. Orosz's home

Practice Information

Bird & Exotic Pet Wellness Center
5166 Monroe Street #305
Toledo, OH 43623

ph: 419-843-3137
fax: 419-843-3217


Signature on file: Dr. Susan Orosz
Updated on: 3/7/2008

Toldeo OH
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