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Black Horse Animal Hospital

Mixed Animal practice, small animal, equine, dairy, cervid
This is a rural mixed animal practice in Lancaster County PA.  The large animal side of the practice is predominately dairy, with equine, small ruminant, and cervid medicine as well.  The student will get experience with reproduction, internal medicine, and surgery of dairy cattle.  The equine, small ruminant, and cervid is mostly internal medicine with very basic surgeries (lacerations and castrations).  The small animal is a mix of traditional rural small animal practice along with canine reproduction.  The hospital deals with all aspects of canine reproduction: breeding soundness exams, AI, c-sections, puppy care, and puppy health checks.
There are 5 veterinarians.  None have any specialties.
Books, rounds, VIN, and journals are available for research purposes.
Students are expected to participate in case workups and in rounds.  They are also expected to make progress in their clinical skills throughout the externship.
40 hours a week
Black Horse Animal Hospital
5081 Lincoln Hwy  Kinzers, Pa 17535
Brenda Kibler, DVM     (orginally the contact was Douglas S. Wagner DVM)  
Updated:  4/1/16    (posted 3/13/12) 
Kinzers, PA
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