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Broward Avian and Exotic Animal Hospital


Broward Avian & Exotic Animal Hospital was established in June of 1999.  In 2001, we expanded into a 4,000 sq. ft. free standing building.  This move allowed us to expand our services and accommodations to best adequately serve our avian and exotic patients.  Our patient base consists of approximately 20% avian, 10% reptile , and 70% mixed mammal – mainly rabbits, ferrets and rodents.  Externs are welcome to stay from 2-6 weeks.  This externship is for students whose primary interest is avian and exotic animal medicine as well as for students who would simply like more exposure to avian ad exotic animal practice.  Students will be taught about diet, care and husbandry of a wide variety of species as well as medicate and surgical management of avian and exotic patients. The purpose of this program is to expose veterinary students to all aspects of avian and exotic companion animal practice. 

** please note: this Off-Site is recommended for more experienced avian/exotics students.


Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available

  • Susan Kellher; DVM, trained in endoscopy and ultrasound, speaker at International Conference on Exotics (2001), at the British Small Animal Veterinary Conference (2003), at British Veterinary Zoological Society (2006), and at Western Veterinary Conference (2008); member of AAV, AEMV, FVMA, BCVMA

Educational Resources

  • Practice library resources: AAV, JAVMA, Veterinary Clinics of North America, Exotic Animal Practice, Seminars in Avian and Exotic Pet Medicine, multiple reference books on reptile, avian, small mammal, primate and fish, access to VIN available
  • Physical equipment: Heska drychem 4000, microscope, PC computers, Aloka 2000 ultrasound machine, Stortz endoscopy equipment, 400mA Bennet x-ray machine with true digital x-ray capabilities, Baiyu ultrasonic dental scaler and DCI dental drill and polisher
  • Supervisor access: throughout business hours approximately 8-12 hours per day


    Student will participate in exams, client interaction, soft tissue & orthopedic surgery, endoscopy and ultrasound.  This practice is exclusively for avian and exotic patients.  Emphasis will be placed on the special considerations that need to be made to accommodate the small avian/exotic patient, for example: history, diet, care, husbandry, fluid therapy, emergency response, medicating, maintaining body temperature, and prioritizing laboratory samples due to the small patient size.  The extern is responsible for performing inpatient and outpatient medical care under the direct supervision of our veterinary staff.  The extern will be expected to shadow the doctor in daily appointments and assist in surgery.  In addition to these responsibilities, there are three assignments for visiting students:

    1.  Write a complete cytology report on a sample from a case seen while the student is here
    2. Critically review an article from a peer-reviewed journal (do they agree with the findings, what did they learn from the article etc…) 
    3. Visit a local pet store and answer a set of prepared questions regarding the products that are available to the general public for avian and exotic pets.

    Student Supervision

    The student will have access to the veterinarians 8 to 12 hours per day



    Practice Information

    Broward Avian and Exotic Animal Hospital
    1730 N. University Drive
    Coral Springs, FL 33071-6029

    Ph: (954) 753-2390
    Fx: (954) 753-2377



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