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California Animal Hospital Veterinary Specialty Group


24 hour 7 days a week multi-specialty hospital, emergency center and referral center; externs observe, work daily with interns and residents. Exposure to clinical medicine is excellent.We are accepting applications for externships from 4th year veterinary students or students entering their clinical year. Externships can be scheduled for 1 to 4 weeks. Externs may elect to spend the entire timein one specialty or may choose to rate through specialties.

Our hospital houses a 10,000 sq ft facility, which provides us with a state-of-the-art environment. A 600mA radiograph unit and automatic processor, fluoroscope unit, single and triple channel electrocardiography units, intermittent and continuous 24 hour cardiac monitoring equipment, cardiac pacemakers, GE vivid 7 ultrasound unit with color flow Doppler capability, fiberotic endoscopes, bronchoscope, rigid proctoscope, and nasal scope, are our more commonly used pieces of equipment. MRI and CT imaging routinely supplement the diagnostic work-up of our cases. Depending on the caseload and the length of your stay, you may see some or all of this equipment used in the diagnostic evaluation of our patients.


Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available

20+ DVM practice with ACVS; ACVECC; ACVIM-Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Neurology; ACVR

Educational Resources

  • Library in house & at UCLA
  • Rounds daily
  • Weekly lectures


  • Observe how cases are handled in a high-level, urban private practice
  • Participate in evaluations, case rounds diagnostic workups and discussion of treatment plans
  • Assist veterinarians, interns and residents


Student Supervision




Practice Information

California Animal Hospital Veterinary Specialty Group
1736 South Sepulveda Blvd. Suite A&B
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Ph: 310-479-3336
Fax: 310-919-3099


Updated: 1/29/10
Signature on file: Robert H. Lusk, Jr., DVM; Nathan W. Peterson, DVM, DACVECC

Los Angeles, CA
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