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Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists

owned small animal veterinary 24 hour emergency and critical care
service in a specialty referral hospital. The veterinary student extern
would gain experience in emergency triage and stabilization as well as
diagnosis and treatment of life threatening disease processes. Our
patients range from those needing out patient treatment to those
requiring critical care with aggressive life support and mechanical
ventilation. The facility hosts a small animal ECC residency program so
weekly didactic rounds are part of the externship program.
veterinary extern shadows small animal emergency and critical residents
during their shifts on emergency receiving and ICU patient management.
The extern would be responsible for determining a differential
diagnosis list for each case seen and particpating in the diagnostic and
treatment plan for each patient. The externship would include
participation in procedures such as thoracocentesis, abdominocentesis,
pericardiocentesis, cystocentesis and chest tube placement.
  • Two experienced emergency associates
  • Six small animal emergency and critical care residents
  • Two board certified critical care (ACVECC) specialists
  • Two board certified surgical (ACVS) specialists
  • Affiliation with a board certified oncologist (ACVIM, oncology)
  • On
    line access to JVECC, JVIM, Compendium for continuing education for the
    small animal practitioner, Veterinary Sugery, JAVMA and AJVR are
    available through members of the CCVS staff.
  • An up to date library which is used for the Emergency and Critical
    residency with texts covering internal medicine, surgery, critical care,
    anesthesia/analgesia, mechanical ventilation, pharmacology, physiology
    and infectious diseases is available for the use of the veterinary
extern is responsible for working with the residents (shifts assigned ~
40hrs/ week) on cases in the emergency and critical care department.
This will include writing daily SOAPs and discharge instructions when
indicated for patients. The extern will also be responsible for helping
with patient care, client communication and assisting with patient
management under the supervision of doctors on the service.
students will be directly supervised by MA licensed veterinarians
working as SA ECC residents at CCVS. The students and residents are
also directly supervised by two ACVECC diplomats. Each shift is
overseen by one of the ACVECC diplomats.
Members of the hospital staff may be able to house students, but no official housing available.
Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists
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Buzzards Bay, MA

Louisa J. Rahilly, DVM DACVECC
Updated: 04/23/12
Buzzards Bay, ME
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