Casselman Veterinary Services

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Mixed Animal Private Practice
Wide variety of small and large animal patients and clients representing a variety of economic levels, types of human animal bonds and species. Significant amount of dairy palpation.
4 veterinarian practice with great examples of work and life balance between young families and thriving careers.
Basic text book library for small and large animals, weekly veteriarin meetings and monthly staff educational meetings. VIN, AAEP, AVMA, AABP.
Shadow veterinarian, learn new physical skills such as DA surgery and palpation, discuss cases including client communication, production medicine systems and staff leadership
7:30 to 5 M to F and 7:30 to 12 Saturday. Student should plan to be on call with the veterinarians while in the area.
On a case by case basis.
Casselman Veterinary Services
377 Hemolck Dr.
Grantsville MD 21536
casselmanv [at] yahoo [dot] com
Wendy Guingrich
Posted: 04/16/14