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CDC Division of Global Migration and Quarantine


Students who are involved in the Epi-elective program at CDC usually participate in a 6 week rotation in the area of their choice. While in the epi-elective program, students engage in the activities of their assigment and are often deployed to assist with a domestic outbreak investigation. Individual experiences can be tailored to a student's interest. In the Quarantine Branch, students learn about and participate in the activies of the Zoonoses Team.

Students who wish to do an epi-elective at CDC need to complete an application through our epi-elective program office which can be found on CDC's website.


Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available

CDC employs approximately 90 veterinarians in their research laboratories-including BSL-4 and animal resources group, and to do epidemiology and communications. Each of the veterinarians at CDC have some sort of advanced degree and most are board certified in either lab animal medicine or preventive medicine. A large majority of CDC Veterinarians are also officers in the US Public Health Service. CDC does not offer advanced degrees but many students have choosen to attend Emory University for their Masters or PhD while working at CDC.

Educational Resources

Other references may be available depending on the student's interests and the activities going on in the branch.


Students are expected to comply with CDC guidelines in terms of dress and conduct. Most of our students work a 40 hour week with weekends and holidays off. However, in an emergency situation (such as H1N1), students are expected to pitch in alongside of CDC staff and may work long hours and over the weekends. Generally we expect students to participate in meetings and activities consistent with the mission of the group they are visiting.

Student Supervision

Generally, students will have access to public health veterinarians for 40 hrs a week. They may have more contact depending on the occurance of public health emergencies.


There is a housing list available to the students. But they pay for housing.

Practice Information

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