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Cleveland Equine Clinic, LLC


To provide equine clinical case experiences with a wide variety of case presentations, including routine health care, extensive lameness case evaluation, wide variety of equine outpatient/inpatient surgical and medical cases. This would include state of the art diagnostic modalities such as digital radiography, ultrasonography, endoscopic arthosiopy and MRI.

Does not apply.

Educational Resources

Complete equine library with all basic texts and several equine publications.


  1. Show up on time and be prepared for long hours
  2. Assist, participate in history-taking, medical record keeping, diagnostic treatment and discharge procedures

Student Supervision

8 to 10 hours a day



Practice Information

Cleveland Equine Clinic, LLC
3340 Webb Road
Ravenna, OH 44266

Ph: 330-422-0040
Fax: 330-422-0044


Updated: 11/30/10
Signature on file: Dr. Ronald L. Genovese

Ravenna, OH
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