Community Service

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The Pre-Vet Club participates in Community Service events on a regular basis. Community Service is important to those who benefit from it, and to those taking part in it. Members are encouraged to perform community service, and the club offers several opportunities throughout the quarter, on and off campus. Members earn points for community service events.

For more information or to sign up for an event, please contact Kirsten Schug (schug [dot] 5 [at] osu [dot] edu)

Volunteer Opportunities

Capital Area Humane Shelter (CAHS)

The club goes weekly to this shelter to walk dogs and socialize with cats. Typically we go for 2-3hrs once a week but with more interest we may set up more trips to CAHS. You do not need to be a trained volunteer to volunteer with the pre-vet club. Trained leaders are able to take groups. If you are already a volunteer here, speak to vice president about how to get yourself trained to bring untrained groups. CAHS is located about 10min away from campus.

Low Cost Spay and Neuter Clinic (SOS or Shelter Outreach Services)

The club volunteers go in shifts from 8am-6pm Tuesday-Friday. Shifts between 8-10am are sign in shifts, help get animals prepped for surgery and help get clinic up and running. 10am-4pm are recovery shifts. Here we help recover all the dogs and cats that come off the tables. Dogs are typically done from 10-1 and cats from 1-4 ( or when they finish). Volunteers also have the opportunity to observe surgeries and help out with whatever the doctors or techs may need (this could include laundry, making packs, cleaning cages, helping upfront). From 10-4, volunteers may be used as office aids, helping with phones, scheduling and other paperwork. From 4-6 volunteers will help with clean up at SOS. This includes cleaning cages, sweeping/mopping floors, making packs, checking animals out, laundry and anything else that needs done for everyone to leave.

Mounted Police (MP)

The club can go in large groups or in small groups any time during the whole week ( all 7 days). Timing each day depends on the days we choose to go. Here we help out the barn staff with feeding horses, walking horses, showering horses, cleaning stalls, outdoor/indoor arena, power washing stalls, cleaning tack and anything else they can think of. We do NOT ride these horses because they are trained to go a certain way for the police officers. However to volunteer in this group Vice President will need your social security number so the officer in charge of us can run a background check. Speeding violations are allowed but no other legal violations are allowed ( ex. Jail...).

Small animal ICU sitting (ICU)

The club will set up shifts ranging from 1-2 hrs everyday of the week any time of the day. Here club members go in and sit with animals in the small animal ICU that are experiencing cage anxiety. In order to volunteer through this a special volunteer training is necessary. At the moment there is a volunteer limit number on this opportunity and it will begin WINTER quarter.

OSU wide activities varies quarter to quarter but one constant

  • Unverforth House, volunteers will meet in two groups (one to cook and one to serve) to make a meal for families that have members in OSU's hospital and who live out of town. These people stay in places like Unverforth house while their family member receives treatments and campus clubs make everyone dinner. Ours will be varying Sunday nights in the quarters. Look out for club emails and announcements for more details.


Two Strike Policy

Our club is starting a two strike policy for all volunteering opportunities. If you are signed up for a shift for anything and you miss it without informing the Vice President with 24 hrs notice that miss will account for a strike. After two strikes (per quarter) you will not be allowed to participate in any club volunteering opportunities. You may have three excused shifts each quarter (24hr notice required) after that they begin to count as strikes. Email Kristen Schug (schug [dot] 5 [at] osu [dot] edu) for any absences. If you are sick and cannot make a shift let me know ASAP and it will not count as a strike. Any excuse that can get you out of a midterm or final will allow you to exceed the number of strikes/excused absence per quarter (includes death in family, illness resulting in you being in the hospital with a doctor's note,...). Any questions please ask me!!

On Call Schedule

Depending on interest for SOS, we will start an on call schedule. The on call schedule will allow us to provide volunteers for all shifts that we promise them. I will double book each shift time with extra people. Volunteers will be assigned to A or to B groups and these groups will alternate working at the shelter. In the case that a volunteer from group A cannot make it to a shift, the volunteer in group B will fill that spot (if B cannot make the shift as well it will count as missed shift for both A and B). The on call group needs to be available to take over a shift at 24hr notice on the week they are not assigned to go. This is done so everyone has an opportunity to go. I will explain this system more as the quarter goes on. Any questions do not hesitate to ask!!