Comparative Ocular Pathology of Wisconsin

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Ocular Pathology. 
Student will participate at all levels with a mail-in ocular pathology Laboratory. This will include grossing in, microscopic interpretation, attendance of seminars, library study, and self directed study at a microscope using prepared material.
The COPLOW laboratory runs a busy mail-in ocular pathology laboratory. Student will see about 60 cases per week and she will have access to an archive of more than 36,000 cases. Student will participate in a seminar and rounds series and will have access to a well stocked library and prepared teaching material.
  • Prepared slide sets with instructional guides
  • Well stocked library on vision science and pathology
  • Archive of over 36,000 cases
  • A weekly series of rounds and seminars
  • Grossing in specimens received in the mail
  • Participating in read outs at the teaching microscope
  • Self study using teaching slide sets
  • Attendance at appropriate rounds and seminars
Dr Dubielzig will provide supervision with the help of a full time trainee (fellow) and Dr. Teixeira, a fully experienced ocular pathologist and Kate Lieber, lab manager.
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Comparative Ocular Pathology Laboratory of Wisconsin
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Dr Richard R Dubielzig
Updated: 04/24/12