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Cornell University Hospital for Animals (CUHA)

Exotic Companion Animal Medicine and Surgery. The
student will be part of a 2-4 weeks clinical rotation with 3rd and 4th
year Cornell veterinary students. Cases will be received 5 days per
week. The student will be involved with all aspects of patient triage,
diagnostics and medical and surgical treatment.
Both Drs. Morrisey and DeMatos are AVBP (Avian and Exotics) Board certified.
All resources that are available to Cornell students will be available to the extern.
triage, care and discharge and active participation in case rounds. A
short case presentation may be required the last day of the roation.
The student will be directly supervised by one of our Avian/Exotics Medicine Resdients and either Dr. Morrisey or DeMatos.

Please contact Ms. Ramona Andersen

Cornell University Hospital for Animals (CUHA)

College of Veterinary Medicine

c/o Pilar Thompson
C2-209 Veterinary Education Center

Cornell University

Ithaca, NY 14853-6401
Updated: 06/13/2013
Signature on file: Dr. Jamie Morrisey or Dr. Ricardo DeMatos
Ithaca, NY
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