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Cornerstone Veterinary Service

The experience will be mixed animal with an emphasis on equine breeding.
collection. semen evaluation. preparation for shipping semen,
artificial insemination, ultrasound management of mares and infertility
problems. I see office hours Monday, Wednesday Friday, and Saturday
mornings which is mostly dogs and cats. I am the veterinarian for the
Chattanooga Zoo and do zoo visits biweekly. I also do emergency work on
cattle and small ruminants. We do medicine and surgery on all animals.
Full-time veterinary plus a part-time small animal associate
Journals, computer databases. etc
Observe mostly, participate in the equine breeding.
I am on call 24/7
Cornerstone Veterinary Service
PO Box 70, 8231 North Hwy 27
Rock Spring, GA 30739 (15 mi. from Chattanooga, TN)
Eric H. Miller DVM
Updated: 03/27/12
Rock Spring, GA
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