Countryside Veterinary Clinic, LLP / Dairy Health & Management Services, LLC, NY

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Dairy production medicine, equine, small ruminant (small animal-if desired)
  • Countryside Veterinary Clinic, LLP is a 14 veterinarian mixed-animal practice with offices located in Lewis, Oneida and Jefferson Counties of New York. The large animal practice is 90% dairy and 10% equine and serves approximately 200 active dairy clients. Dr. Mark Thomas is a diplomate of the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (ABVP) in Dairy practice.
  • Our daily routine is centered around scheduled herd health visits. In addition to reproductive examinations and traditional sick cow medicine and surgery, our practice is actively involved in all aspects of dairy production medicine.
  • Our practice also participates in various research trials with Cornell University and industry. The extern will be exposed to practical clinical research and will likely have the opportunity to participate in sample and data collection.
  • We host approximately 20 students each year from the USA, Canada and abroad. We generally limit externships to a maximum of six consecutive weeks but exceptions can be made. When applying for an externship please include a statement of expectations and professional interests along with a resume or CV. Priority will be given based on scheduling. It is common for us to host two students here simultaneously. This provides an opportunity to collaborate with fellow colleagues.
  • Professional liability insurance is covered through the AVMA. We request that students obtain additional coverage under the student AVMA plan.
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  • An extern will have extensive opportunity to interact with dairy producers and gain further skills in the areas of rectal palpation, physical examination, surgical technique and obstetrical management. Additionally the extern will be exposed to dairy herd records evaluation (Dairy Comp 305), nutritional consulting (CNCPS), milking systems evaluation (TriScan) and milking procedure evaluation (Lactocorder). On farm dairy advisory group meetings will also provide the extern with an opportunity to interact with a variety of dairy industry professionals.
  • The extern will be responsible for researching topics of interest highlighted throughout the day. Interaction with other veterinarians in our group will be encouraged at our regularly scheduled doctor meetings.
  • Depending on the timing of the externship, the individual may also have the opportunity to participate in local continuing education events and/or meetings with visiting experts in a field.
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Yes. Housing is provided in a two bedroom trailer home located on Dr. Thomas’ property. Housing costs are covered by Countryside Veterinary Clinic, LLP but a fee of $25/week is requested to cover utilities.
Countryside Veterinary Clinic, LLP, Dairy Health & Management Services, LLC
7364 Utica Blvd.
Lowville, NY 13367
315-376-6563 (office); 315-523-2486 (cell)
mthomas [at] countryside-vet [dot] net
Mark J. Thomas, DVM, DABVP-Dairy
Posted: 12/21/12