Dairy Health Services/MPS

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Progressive, production medicine type practice - 100% dairy
- work with other solo dairy practitioners (Dan Leuhrs, Jon Hess, Dean Lusk, and Jay Cox)
- focusing on high quality, cutting-edge service for progressive dairymen
- providing a wide range of veterinary services
- routine reproductive - consultation
- traditional medical, surgical, and emergency - mastitis control
- milk quality laboratory - replacement rearing
- employee training - residue avoidance
- pharmaceutical, biological, and supply sales
One veterinarian works with ultrasound, two veterinarians have postgraduate training in Epidemiology (MPVM) and one veterinarian did a Production Medicine Residency in Dairy.
-participate in routine activities of the practice
-may be requested to complete a project relating to an actual situation on a client's dairy; we will try to tailor it to the student's area of interest (nutrition, milk quality, reproduction, replacement rearing, etc.)
-typical schedule
mornings: reproductive exams with one (or more) of the veterinarians
afternoons: sick cow / emergency calls as they come in (minimal)
work with vets on computer records, milk culturing, employee schools, etc.
work on project
nights: take emergency calls with vet on duty
weekends: free to tour the area, or stay and go on emergency calls
-breakdown of emergency services
typical weeknight on-call (5pm-8am): 0-1 calls per week
typical weekend on-call (Fri 5pm-Mon 8am): 0-2 calls
very few milk fevers (99% of clients treat themselves)
primarily: calvings, prolapses, bleeders
Student will have access to host veterinarians for upwards of 16 hours/day and will have the opportunity to ride with up to 4 other veterinarians from 4-12 hrs/day. On average, they will have spend 45-50 hours/week with veterinarians.
Dairy Health Services/MPS
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John Day
Posted:  04/25/2013