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Ellwood Animal Hospital


We offer the following services for our clients and the community.

  1. Seminars and lectures on pet care, holistic services and massage therapy for your pet.
  2. Community services, such as pet shows, mentoring programs for students, visitations to schools from elementary to college.
  3. Nursing Home programs with pet therapy.

Our veterinary hospitals offer alternatives to conventional drug therapies for pain management, treatment of arthritis and hip dysplasia and as complementary or replacement therapy for cancer patients, internal medicine illnesses and even behavioral disorders. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is available for all companion animal species.  TCM includes acupuncture, the use of Chinese herbal remedies and gold bead implants for conditions like hip dysplasia. Dr. Maro is an IVAS trained and certified veterinary acupuncturist and is a charter member of the American Academy of Veterinary Acupuncturists. Clients who are interested in acupuncture or any other holistic service should request an appointment specifically with Dr. Maro.

In addition to the alternative medicine, we have many pieces of technologically advanced equipment, which gives students hands-on training in the use of such devices as ultrasound with color doppler, digital radiography, tonopen, rehabilitative equipment and underwater treadmill, CO2 laser and electrosurgery. Depending on timing, students may benefit from the specialists (dentist and internal medicine) who visit the practice for endoscopic and endodontic techniques. For our staff we also have weekly in-house training and outside lecturers come in once monthly to train staff.


Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available

  • Cindy Maro, DVM,
    CAC, CVA, VMRT; special interest in alternative medicine, member
  • Annette Anléu, DVM;
    special interest veterinary ultrasound &  blending alternative and
    conventional therapies
  • Kellie Taylor; DVM
  • Amanda Colón,

    Educational Resources

    • current references on radiology
    • diagnostic ultrasound
    • surgery
    • internal medicine
    • acupuncture
    • alternative medicine and practice management
    • on-line resource with membership on vetsuite and VetMedTeam
    • on-line updates to Ettinger's internal medicine reference, small animal vet clinics of North America
    • CD-ROM's from Lifelearn
    • Vet Economics
    • Journal of AHVMA
    • Compendium
    • and more


    Students will have an opportunity to see a variety of cases in the outpatient clinic, assist in rehab therapy, assist in surgery, and work as technicians on hospitalized cases (evaluating and treating them).

    The extern will at first see patients with Dr. Maro, observe ultrasound and echo's with Dr. Anleu and have an opportunity to observe surgery with all doctors, including Dr. Chitu. Dr. Osipenko sees birds and reptiles and Dr. Maro sees small mammals, in addition to canine and feline patients. Our caseload is approximately 30 cases per day and most of those patients present for thorough work-ups.

    After approximately one week of observation, the student will have an opportunity to start taking cases and creating his/her treatment plans. Most students can handle about 5 cases during our outpatient hours - they will be a good mix of ER cases, wellness visits and internal medicine cases.

    Student caseload is overseen by a staff veterinarian who then reviews the case and comments on treatment plans.  In the case of Dr. Maro, many patients present to her for holistic care, so the work-up and treatment plans are more varied when reviewed with the student and include: a. Straight conventional options, b. Straight alternative, and c. Combination protocols which often include complementary medicine.

    Students who show enthusiasm and extra efforts will get more opportunities during the stay and those who show proficiency will be able to perform some surgeries.

    The student will be scheduled about 40-50 hours weekly and will see approx. 150 cases with the doctors, including about 20-25 cases which are his/hers to work-up under supervision.

    Student Supervision

    The student will have approx. 60 hours of direct access to the doctors during normal office hours. The student will also have access to the vets after hours for clinic ER's which the student will assist in.


    Students are housed in the clinic, so they have a great opportunity to help with emergencies and observe patients who are hospitalized.

    Practice Information

    Ellwood Animal Hospital
    728 Lawrence Ave.
    Ellwood City, PA 16117

    Ph: 724) 758-8882


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