Humane Society of Boulder Valley (CO)

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Shelter medicine externship in premier animals shelter. Private, non-profit open admission humane society w/ Animal Contracts with surrounding communities to house stray animals. 9,500 annual intake. 92% live-release-rate. Student externs have the opportunity to get an overview of shelter and clinic practices.
The Humane Society of Boulder Valley offers 2-4 week Shelter Medicine Externships to junior and senior veterinary students. The first week(s) will focus on the processes around impoundment and adoption of companion animals, providing students the opportunity to hone physical exam skills, learn about behavior evaluation and disease control in the shelter environment. Practices will include treatment and vaccination of shelter animals, physical exams, behavior assessment, involvement in adoption counseling, overview of animal control services in our community, euthanasia, and didactic information available. 1-2 weeks is spent in the veterinary clinic where students perform sterilization surgery and general medical care for shelter/foster animals.
  • 1 designated shelter veterinarian (Chief Shelter Veterinarian), 1 shelter medicine medicine intern, 4 staff veterinarians including Chief of Public Veterinary Practice. Veterinarians range from 1980 to 2005 graduates and recent graduate annual intern.
  • On-site public veterinary practice servicing 10,000 appointments annually.
  • Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist directs our Training Center that focuses on positive reinforcement techniques and behavior modification of shelter animals as well as public dog training and behavior support.
  • Rotating shelter medicine veterinary technicians
  • Our shelter carries specific documents on assessing animal health and behavioral issues.
  • Library.
  • Computer access.
  • Daily duties include assisting veterinary technicians checking in surgery cases, caring for hospitalized patients including physical exams (SOAP format medical records entered into computer), administering medication, updating veterinarians during morning rounds.
  • Accompanying veterinarian on daily shelter rounds.
  • Assisting veterinary technicians with patient care.
8-10 hours daily access and supervision with veterinarian. Spay/neuter directly supervised by veterinarian.
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Humane Society of Boulder Valley
2323 55th St
Boulder, CO 80303
303-442-4030 x 671
lesli [dot] groshong [at] boulderhumane [dot] org
Lesli Groshong, DVM
Updated: 11/15/11