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Hy-Line International

is a primary layer breeder company based in Des Moines and Dallas
Center, Iowa. We employ several veterinarians in our tech service,
research, and production departments. The experience is strictly with
layer-type chickens, but different generation levels and ages of flocks.

Description Experience:

The intern would essentially shadow one of our veterinarians in primarily field work with our own breeder flocks and hatcheries, or in visits to customers' commercial layer flocks. Some time may be spent doing hands-on labor with one of our vaccination crews or in the hatchery or laboratory.

Institutional Resources:

  • Ian Rubinoff, DVM
  • Bernie Beckman, DVM
  • Doug Grieve, DVM
  • several geneticists
  • several nutritionists

Educational Resources Available:

library with books and journals

Responsibilities Expected of Participating Students:

No particular responsibility other than to work with a company veterinarian and assist in postmortem evaluations and other field and lab work.

Student Supervision:

Supervised most of the working time by one or our veterinarians

Is Student Housing Available?

No, but many hotels in Des Moines area

Practice Name:

Hy-Line International


2583 240th St.
P.O. Box 310
Dallas Center, IA 50063

Telephone Number:

515-992-3736 ext. 250

Fax Number:


Email Address:

Website Address:

Clinical Supervisor of Elective:

Kenton Kreager, DVM

Updated: 03/18/11

Dallas Center, IA
Elective categories: