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Michigan State University Training Center for Dairy Professionals


Located within a 3000 cow herd, the TCDP offers well established training in individual cow and calf disease management, reproductive examinations, and obstetrical management. There will be weekly presentations by faculty on disease or management topics.


Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available

Three senior clinicians (DACT and DABVP), one resident, one to three interns.

Educational Resources

  • library
  • high speed internet
  • dairy software
  • computer lab
  • microbiology lab
  • hematology and serum chemistry


  • Active participation.
  • Large case responsibility.
  • Submission of our application form ahead of scheduling.
  • Strong interest in dairy-practice.

Student Supervision

40 to 50 hrs per week


Yes, self-contained accommodation is on-site.

Practice Information

Michigan State University
Training Center for Dairy Professionals
Site: Riley Rd, Elsie, MI 48831
Office: D202 Veterinary Medical Center, MSU, E. Lansing, MI 48824-1314

Ph: 989/862-5751, 517/673-4800 (Dr Raphael)
Fx: 989/862-5474


Updated: 2/17/09
Signature On File: Dr. Raphael, BVSc MS Dipl ABVP (Dairy)

Additional Information

A signed AVMA PLIT application form is on file in OSU CVM Educational Design & Systems Office, 005-b Vet Hospital. Student must complete this form and submit to AVMA prior to attending MSU.

E. Lansing, MI
Elective categories: