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Swine, Food Animal Production Medicine
Student will have the opportunity to interact with the largest hog production company in the world. Our division markets 4 million market hogs per year. Our operation is located primarily in southeastern North Carolina as well as southeastern Virginia.

Student will have exposure to all phases of three site hog production. Student will be considered part of the Health Services team and will participate in daily activities as a vetereinarian which may include farm visits, diagnostic collection/interpretation, research, and special projects. In addition, experiences may be tailored to students interests which could include processing plant operations, feed milling and transportation, live animal transportation, and a on-site diagnostic laboratory.
There are 12 veterinarians employed by the Murphy-Brown LLC East Division. Four of the 12 also have a Master's Degree. The student will have the opportunity to interact with at least 8-10 of them while here.
Student will be expected to participate in daily activities of the veterinarian which may include farm visits, production decisions, special projects etc. Student will play a primary role in diagnostic collection and interpretation of results.
Student will have access to a veterinarian for 8-9 hours a day for 5 days a week.
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