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Norwegian School of Veterinary Science

course in fish health for veterinary students at Hjelmeland in the spring plus additional week in a veterinary clinic

The one week
aquaculture and fish pathology course at Hjelmeland is a mandatory, practically
oriented field course for veterinary students at the Norwegian School of
Veterinary Science in the 8th  semester. The course is typically run in the
beginning of May.

This course is the practical termination of the fish health
courses (lectures, histopathology course and group work/colloquiums) given in
the 8th semester. The aim of this
course is to give the students practical training in handling fish, sampling,
necropsy and understanding of fish health work under practical conditions.

The practical parts of the course are run in collaboration with
Marine Harvest, Region South (MH), and their fish health personnel in the area.
Marine Harvest operates several hatcheries and sea-farms for salmon and halibut
in the area. Hjelmeland is also MH’s administrative centre and their
slaughtering facilities are also located here.

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Tour of the
slaughtering plant and laboratories. Necropsy of fish. Assignments given to
student groups. Student groups visit hatcheries and
grow-out sites with local fish health personnel. Students will see
different types of farms and layouts, encounter different health-related
problems and see relevant species of farmed fish in the area (Salmon, rainbow
trout, cod, halibut). Students will perform necropsies, blood sampling, lice
counting and bacteriology, as well as interviews with the farmers. Vaccination of fish. Group
presentations of assignments.

First week student will be in lecture, tours and laboratories. Second week student will work closely with veterinarians in a local veterinary clinic.
Yes. Accommodation is in well
equipped houses (“Rorbu”), each with 4 bedrooms (2 beds in each), living room,
kitchen, 2 bathrooms, dishwasher, fridge, washing machine etc. The household is
based on self-catering; students make their own meals.  The accommodation complex is beautifully
located on the waterside at Fister, 10 minutes drive from Hjelmeland. Fister
and Hjelmeland are connected to the Stavanger area by boat services and buses.
Express boats from Stavanger arrive 2 minutes from the accomodation
complex.  More information about
accommodation and facilities will be found at:  and
Norwegian School of Veterinary Science
P. O. Box 8146 DEP
0033 OSLO
+47 22 96 47 14
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Dr. Trygve T. Poppe
Updated: 11/18/11
Oslo, Norway
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