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OSU CVM Animal Behavior Elective


Students will participate in animal behavior related activities such as problem pet behavior consultations, literature review, and special projects related to supporting the behavioral wellness programs of the hospital. A student's interests in specific areas of animal behavior will be strongly considered when tailoring the elective to each individual elective participant.


Open discussion and dialog regarding the creation & completion of an elective experience tailored to their interests & needs, willingness to work independently with support & direction, and detail oriented follow through on the projects we jointly decide to undertake during our time together.


Meghan Herron

Student Supervision

We will work approximately 40 hrs weeks, with about 20 hours being time we are physically together. Time not spent physically together will be extensively supported by remote communication such as email, phone calls etc.

Location Information

OSU Veterinary Medical Center
601 Vernon L. Tharp Street
Columbus, OH 43210


Updated: 3/4/09
Signature On File: Meghan Herron

Columbus OH
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