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OSU CVM Diagnostic Imaging


This rotation allows students to further hone their film interpretation skills. Though the emphasis is on radiography, alternate imaging examinations such as CT, MRI and nuclear medicine may be reviewed. Students may customize their learning experience based on their area of interest (i.e. equine, small animal, etc.).


Students are expected to actively participate morning clinical case rounds and in the interpretation of imaging examinations as they are presented on the clinic floor during the day. As part of their rotation experience, they will be required to officially dictate a minimum of one case during your second week (under faculty or resident guidance). Students are not expected to participate in the technical aspects of radiography in this rotation. Students will be required to write a radiographic case report, limited to one page, describing an interesting radiology case seen during the rotation, or perhaps an interesting case seen on another rotation.


    Lisa Zekas, DVM

    Student Supervision

    9 hours/day, 5 days/week

    Location Information

    Dr. Lisa Zekas
    The Ohio State University
    College of Veterinary Medicine
    Radiology - Veterinary Medical Center
    601 Vernon L. Tharp Street
    Columbus, OH 43210

    Ph: 614-292-1040

    Updated: 2/25/09
    Signature On File: Lisa Zekas, DVM

    Columbus OH
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