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OSU CVM Interventional Radiology Elective


This elective is meant to expose the student to interventional radiology
(IR) as a discipline in both veterinary and human medicine.  It is spent as a 2 week block on the
Cardiology and Interventional Medicine Service, pending availability and
clinician scheduling.  The objectives of
the rotation are as follows:

  1. Become
    familiar with IR procedures in veterinary and human medicine, including:
    vascular access, tracheal stenting, urethral stenting, ureteral stenting (open,
    endoscopic, and percutaneous), nasopharyngeal stenting, etc.
  2. Acquire
    an understanding of the equipment used in interventional procedures.
  3. Gain
    expertise in the diagnosis, therapy and post-operative management of animals
    treated by interventional radiology.


  1. The
    student will be required to assist the interventionalist during case
    consultation, case work-up, IR procedures, and post-operative management.
  2. The
    rotation requires the student to perform a literature review of pertinent
    topics in IR, involving a literature search and scheduled journal club time
    throughout the block.
  3. Although
    not guaranteed, an attempt will be made to provide the student 1-2 days of
    shadowing with a human interventional radiologist/cardiologist to provide
    comparative perspective on the use of IR in medicine.

Supervisor:  Brian A Scansen DVM, MS, DACVIM (Cardiology)


                      Phone: 614.247.6715

: 6-10 hrs/day, 5-7 days/wk


The Ohio
State University

Medical Center

601 Vernon
L. Tharp Street

Columbus, OH

Updated: 01/19/12

Columbus, OH
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