Palm Beach Veterinary Specialists

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Palm Beach Veterinary Specialists is a 24 hour specialty and emergency facility. Specialties include surgery, neurology, oncology, internal medicine and ophthalmology.
  • Externs can expect exposure to comprehensive team of specialists that work together to offer quality medicine.
  • The extern will spend time shadowing and assisting the internal medicine team while examinations, diagnostics (endoscopy, ultrasonography) and treatment plans are performed.
  • The extern will spend the remainder of time with the emergency service. This service is manned with experienced doctors that treat all levels of trauma, illness and disease. The emergency service works closely with the specialists to offer the most advanced treatment and options for the patients and clients.
  • The student is expected to arrive on time and be dressed in a professional manner.
  • Being attentive and willing to interact with the doctors and nursing staff is vital.
  • The student is expected to assist with diagnostics and procedures at the discretion of the attending doctor.
The student will spend 8-10 hours per day (5 day weeks) directly with a veterinarian.
Yes, if needed
Palm Beach Veterinary Specialists
3884 Forest Hill Blvd.
West Palm Beach, FL 33406
drtucker [at] palmbeachvetspecialists [dot] com
Dr. Michele Tucker
Updated: 03/19/12