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Zoological medicine and surgery.
Assisting the veterinary staff with daily duties, case management, surgeries, treatments, medical record keeping as needs arise. Student will learn the MedARKS record keeping system used in US zoos. There will be instruction on taxonomy, comparative anatomy and physiology and laboratory techniques and procedures.
Zoo trained veterinarian and two zoo veterinary technicians. Zoo keeping staff. computers for online searches and literature review. Zoo based and veterinary based texts books and journals.
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Student is expected to be present for cases, rounds and clinical case discussion daily Mon - Friday. Availability for after hours and weekend emergency call with the veterinarian is expected and encouraged. Depending on the abilities and aptitude of the student, basic case management and treatments along with the veterinary technicians will be expected. Each student should prepare a comprehensive summary of cases they have been involved in and their comprehension of the cases at the end of the preceptorship.
Students are expected to be in the clinic with the veterinary staff at least 8-10 hours a day on weekdays and after hours and weekends for emergencies or treatments as needed.
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