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Pennsylvania SPCA

Description of Experience:

Externs spend time in the shelter hospital doing spays and neuters, time in the front clinic at animal control. Focus: shelter medicine.

Institutional Resources:

10 vets on staff for front clinic, shelter medicine + surgery doctors.

Educational Resources:

Computer databases

Responsibilities expective of participating students:

Work in the shelter hospital and assist with animal care, participate in all aspects of programs.

Student supervision:

8 hours a day with free access to 10 vets

Practice Name:

Pennsylvania SPCA


350 E. Erie Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19134

Telephone number:

215-426-6300 ext. 211

Fax number:


Email address:

Website address:

Clinical Supervisor of elective:

Aime Berman, VMD

Updated: 05/06/11

Philadelphia, PA
Elective categories: