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Description Experience: Clinical Neurology/Neurosurgery Rotation

• Gain experience in performing physical/neurological examinations, localizing lesions, generating differential diagnoses, and selecting an appropriate treatment plan for animals presented to the Neurology service.
• Integrate knowledge to provide patient care, including medical management, preoperative, surgical, and postoperative care of client-owned animals. This includes principles of analgesia, fluids, drugs, nutrition, exercise limitations and/or rehabilitation.
• Develop greater knowledge, clinical judgement, surgical/technical skills, and diagnostic capabilities that enable management of more complex cases.
• Improve oral and written communication skills and medical documentation.
• Practice the principles of teamwork and professionalism through interactions with faculty/clinicians, colleagues, technicians, and pet owners.

This course will be a three-week rotation for 4th year professional veterinary students in the neurology service. Students will be directly or indirectly involved in the evaluation, treatment and care of patients presented to the neurology service. Cadaver work may supplement the clinical experience. Students will be expected to have accomplished the objectives for the block, as stated above. Students will be expected to assume greater responsibility for evaluation, treatment, and care of patients while developing greater knowledge, clinical judgment, and diagnostic capabilities that enable them to manage more complex cases. Students will be expected to learn from clinical case material, reviewing topics, and reading pertinent literature. Students will gain additional experience performing neurologic examinations and localizing lesions. Students will participate in case rounds at least once each day, with every student researching and discussing the theoretical aspects of cases and making a formal case presentation to other students and faculty.

Externships may be available and must be arranged through the program director (RA Packer) at Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine. Some limitations in case involvement will apply, such as limited owner communication, limited case management. Contact program director for additional information regarding insurance, liability, permissions, and associated nominal fees.
Full-service academic Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Full-service academic Veterinary Teaching Hospital
See above description of course.
Direct supervision by faculty and residents.
Not formally; however often other students may be able to rent housing space for minimal costs.
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