Qtest Labs


Student will assist with clinical care and management of a large colony of research animals, assist with surgical procedures and active studies including ECGs, echocardiogram, venous and arterial cutdowns, cardiac catheterization, necropsy.


Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available

Not available

Educational Resources

  1. The Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals
  2. AWA
  3. PHS policy


  • Assist with clinical animal care: general care, disease management, wound management, post-surgical care.
  • Actively participate in surgical procedures (both survival and terminal) and active studies.

Student Supervision

Qtest has 5 veterinarians on staff allowing the student to have free access to a veterinarian at all times.



Practice Information

Qtest Labs
6438 Fiesta Dr.
Columbus, OH 43235

Ph: 614-760-0680
Fax: 614-760-0900

Email: akijtawornrat [at] qtestlabs [dot] com
Web: www.qtestlabs.com

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