Questions and Answers

  • Does this project benefit local children?
    • Yes! All donations collected through Ohio State go towards Josh Kits and cards sent to benefit the children at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Cincinnati Children's Hospital, and Johns Hopkins Hospital in Maryland!
  • How much does a "Josh Kit" cost and where does the money go?
    • Each Josh Kit costs $39.95 through JoshCo, LLC. $5 of each kit goes directly back to Children's Miracle Network, and the rest goes to cover the cost of the plush stuffed animal, the "I’ll be O.K" book, and the carry-home "house" that Josh and his book come in. All kits are produced in-house in Knoxville, Tennessee.
  • Is there a minimal donation?
    • No, there is no minimal donation – we welcome any and all contributions. We also have no maximum donation and would never place a limit on your generosity!