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Working with dogs without an understanding and appreciation of their psychology and culture hampers veterinary professionals, and it prevents the dogs from giving us their best.  This externship provides daily hands-on experience and exposure to the core principles of canine psychology, beginning with: association, energy and movement.  More at:

Interested students are required to familiarize themselves with the information contained in the book "Learning "DOG" and the 40 online videos that complement its text.  This book was written from the lecture notes of the 2.5-day Learning "DOG" Conferences 

(U.S. and Canada, with 19 C.E. credits approved for vets & techs in Ohio).  

Being familiar with the most important concepts allows each student to be ready to put them into action, which is what this opportunity is all about.


Participating students will assist in our 4-hour AM and 1-hour PM dog center routines, plus occasional exercises outside of these hours.  It is expected that roughly 3 additional hours each day be dedicated to video-based instruction.  We seek mature, focused, inquisitive, self-motivated students who enjoy working with and learning from dogs of all sizes.


Student Supervision

Estimated 3-5 hours/day direct veterinary access, 5 days/week, plus access to rescue volunteer staff.  Depending upon calendar dates, your Learning "DOG" experience may include 2.5 days of conference.

  • Supervising Veterinarian: Lynne Swanson, BBA, DVM (COR ‘86)


Practice Information

Lynne V. Swanson, DVM, Director
Safe Harbor Farm
P.O. Box 493
Maysville, NC 28555
ph: 252-422-6770

email: safeharborfarmadoptions [at] hotmail [dot] com

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