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SeaWorld San Antonio

Marine mammal, aquatic and exotic animal medicine. The
student is given the opportunity to learn and understand what is
involved in caring for marine mammals, fish, birds, and other exotic
species, as well as learning diets and life support systems necessary
for the health and well-being of the various species. Emphasis is on
daily husbandry and maintenance with opportunity for hands-on veterinary
experience as available.
laboratory for culture/sensitivities, hematology, and serum
chemistries. Digital radiography, ultrasonography, and endoscopy.
On-site pharmacy and surgical suite.
Library covering all species on site. Complete medical records for all species.
student is required to complete a project while here that is of
academic value and non-injurious to the animals. The project must be
professionally written to include: Objective, Introduction, Materials
& Methods, Results, Discussion, or Conclusion. The research project
is due prior to the end of the student's rotation.

The student will spend approximately 1 week in Animal Care, 3 days
in Aquarium, 2 days in Aviculture, 2 days in Polar, 0.5 day each in the
Lab and Education. 2 days will be spent in Training. It is the student’s
responsibility to coordinate where and when to meet for each rotation.
This should be done the day before you rotate. There will be 5 days
spent in areas of the student’s choice or working on their project and
completing Student Objectives (applies to 4 week rotation). The student
must also find time to spend with our Water Quality department to
understand what is required to maintain the environment in which the
animals live.

The student’s grade will be determined by the evaluation submitted
from those they interact with (includes interest, communication,
initiative, enthusiasm, participation, professionalism, etc.), their
completed project, and the questions submitted from each area. No grade
will be given until these items are completed.

The student will have access to a veterinarian 24/7 during their stay with us. On-site security 24/7 as well.
SeaWorld San Antonio
10500 Sea World Drive

San Antonio, TX 78251
(210) 523-3278
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Drs. Les Dalton and Steve Osborn
Updated: 02/21/11
San Antonio, TX
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